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Dear Reader,

My wife once told me that I share too much. So, of course, I decided to use that as the title of my new and most revealing book: SHARING TOO MUCH: MUSINGS FROM AN UNLIKELY LIFE. This book contains 59 musings from family and fatherhood to thoughts on God and death to not-so-serious anecdotes that made me chuckle. One of those posts, How I Saved My Marriage, had more than 100 million readers worldwide.

Through these musings, you’ll get to know me more intimately; the man, husband, father, and writer behind the books that have reached millions.

Maybe I do share too much. But sometimes it’s just refreshing to hear someone say what you’re secretly thinking. I hope you enjoy this casual walk through my mind.


A Christmas Memory Book Cover.

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This time of the year, I’m mostly locked away writing books that will come out later in the year. Having a book release in February is something new. Another big change is that I’m mostly just staying home for this book release. Ever since Covid, book tours seem to be a thing of the past. I hope not. I miss seeing my readers throughout the country. Thank you for your continued love and support. I hope your year is amazing.


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